Integrated web-based biometric pension administration system


  1. DATE OF ISSUE; 22nd JUNE, 2017

    1.The NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY AND INSURANCE TRUST has allocated funds towards the procurement and implementation of an INTEGRATED WEB-BASED BIOMETRICS PENSION ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM to replace the current client server-based system and now intends to apply a portion of these funds to eligible payments under this Contract. The Integrated Web-Based Biometrics Pension Administration System should be able to manage the registration of employees and employers up to the processing and payments of pension benefits to be deployed on a Wide Area Network nationwide with flexibility for future expansion and modifications. PROCUREMENT NUMBER: NASSIT/SYSTEMS/IT/IWBPS/RFP/0018/17

  2. The TRUST now invites Expression of Interest (EOI)from eligible core ICT firms with a minimum of five (5) years relevant knowledge, experience and skills to design, develop, implement and maintain an efficient Integrated Web-Based Biometric Pensions Administration System.
  3. The eligible firm that wishes to submit anExpression of Interest must submit evidence of having successfully developed a very similar system in the recent past for a social security institution in any English-Speaking West African country and is currently operational and must be verifiable
  4. Expression of Interest submitted must include at least three (3) references of similar projects that have been successfully completed. EOIs submitted without the required references will not be considered for further evaluation.
  5. Firms should accompany their EOIs with the following
    • Valid Business Registration Certificate in country of operation
    • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate or evidence of tax compliance in country of operation
    • Valid Social Security Clearance Certificate for local firms
    • Firms must provide evidence that they have been in the business of software development for a minimum of five(05) years
    • Evidence of past performance with at least three references one of which must be from English-Speaking West Africa Country currently benefiting from similar project successfully implemented
    • If submitting as Joint Venture or Consortium, the firm must submit evidence of joint venture agreement or Consortium Statement and also must have at least one(1) JV or Consortium partner which fulfills all other qualifying conditions.
    • Firms must provide information demonstrating their ability, skills and experience to undertake the assignment. The deliverables required under the Terms of Reference will be issued to firms that meet the minimum qualifying conditions.
    • Details including curriculum vitae of five (5) systems analysts and ten (10) software developers must be submitted along with the EOI.
  6. Only firms that have sufficiently submitted the above requirements will be considered for further evaluation.
  7. Firms are required to make eligibility declaration and attach same to their Expression of Interest. Any discrepancies discovered and verified would lead to the immediate disqualification of that firm.
  8. Firms are also required to collect, sign and return the Anti Corruption Integrity Pact from the Procurement Department at NASSIT HOUSE, 32 WALPOLE STREET, FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA.
  9. The Trust reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the EOIs without incurring any obligation to inform the affected firm.
  10. The Expression of Interest should be delivered in sealed envelopes and in duplicate clearly marked EXPRESSION OF INTEREST for the DESIGNING, IMPLEMENTATION AND MAINTEINANCE OF AN INTEGRATED WEB-BASED BIOMETRICS PENSION ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM not later than 3:00p.m local time on Tuesday 8th August, 2017 at the reception, 1st Floor, NASSIT HOUSE, 32 Walpole Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
  11. Expressions of Interest will be opened in the Conference Room at 3:00p.m local time on Tuesday 8th August, 2017, 1st Floor, NASSIT HOUSE, 32 WALPOLE STREET, FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA in the presence of firms or their representatives who wish to attend
  12. Late EOIs received will be rejected and returned unopened

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